Inspire to Empower Interview with Rachel Gause

"It's so very important not to compare ourselves to others and to really cherish our individuality. I'm a firm believer that, although society feeds us messages that we aren't good enough, our family and circle of support plays the biggest role in our foundation of self love. *The essence of beauty to me is being comfortable in our Perfect Imperfections."
- Rachel Gause

Sending some inspiration your way with an interview that hits close to home. Rachel Gause is an entrepreneur, owner of Eco Bean Organic Coffee House (my favorite hometown cafe), essential oils advocate (DōTERRA), wife and "Mother to All" as she is referred to by many... but specifically her two little munchkins that have inspired her wellness journey and business in multitudes of ways. I am so excited for y'all to learn a little more about a woman that has always inspired me, brightens every room she walks into and created a community sanctuary filled with endless positivity and healthy organic treats.

If you are every in Tarpon Springs, Florida make sure to make your way over to Eco Bean for some gluten free pancakes, a delicious green smoothie or a yummy chair latte... I know when ever I am home that's my first stop!

Name: Rachel Thwaits-Gause

1.     Occupation/title if you had to give yourself one?

- Owner of EcoBean Organic Coffee House, DōTerra Wellness Advocate, Or as I've been referred to by many ~ "Mother to all".

2.     Tell us a little about your journey to where you are now

I grew up in Ohio and moved to Florida when I was 20 years old. My son, Sebastian was born when I was 22 and then four years later my daughter Mayla. They are 15 and 11 and as it should be my world revolves around them. When I started EcoBean they were very young, and I am so proud of what we have been able to accomplish together as a family. In the beginning, it was very long days with very long hours... but here we are almost 8 years later. 

3.     What inspired you to open Eco Bean?

The inspiration behind EcoBean comes from ideas that my son and I would dream up together, if you can believe that. At this time Sebastian was only seven years old. A very wise and beyond his years kind of child. We used to talk about having a community based business that would incorporate education on the environment among many other artistic aspects. It wasn't until the day that my husband David came home and told me that a coffee shop in Tarpon Springs was closing and suggested I take it over that I realized this could be the beginning of something wonderful! This would be my baby step towards something bigger. Something our community so desperately needed...

EcoBean was born, What we have built here is so much more than a coffee house. It's a spiritual hub for many. The experiences that have risen from this special place far exceed anything I could've dreamt. The people who walk through our door are meant to do just that. So much synchronicity is felt. I have been blessed to have employees that become family members. Their contributions fully enrich each and every one of our lives.  How Can It Get Any Better Than This? 

4.     Your go to quick & nutritious recipe?

- Raw Hemp Bars top my list of favorite and easy recipes... 

2 c raw almonds
1/2 c sunflower seeds
1 c walnuts
1/2 c almond butter
1/2 c coconut oil
3 tbs maple syrup
2 tbs hemp hearts and chia seeds
two handfuls of coconut flakes

-Blend almonds, seeds, and walnuts. In a bowl, mix oil and syrup. Add in that mixture. Use hands to blend. Add almond butter. Blend. Add hemp hearts and chia. Blend. Spread into pan. Freeze/Refrigerate

5.     Has your health always been a priority?

Upon entering motherhood my perspective on health changed dramatically. I no longer took things for granted like I may had before. I became much more of a conscious eater. 

6.     What is your favorite characteristic about yourself and why?

I like the fact that people love my hugs. It makes me happy to know that my intention is being so well received. We all need to hug MORE and LONGER, wouldn't you agree? 

7.     Everyday morning routine?

- My every day morning routine begins before I open my eyes. I try to envision my day in a positive light and pray over my family and friends before I get out of bed. This sets the tone in such a powerful way.

8.     What food can you NOT live without?

Brown rice or potatoes ~ it's a close race between the two.

9.     What advice would you give women struggling with body image?

Body image issues started for me started when I was pretty young. I had 4 spinal surgeries for scoliosis every year of high school. As you can imagine this caused many issues for a young girl struggling to "be normal." Looking back on that experience I feel that it provided me a greater understanding of what healthy body image really means. I was so fortunate to be able to have had parents that supported me and held my hand through it all. It's so very important not to compare ourselves to others and to really cherish our individuality. I'm a firm believer that, although society feeds us messages that we aren't good enough, our family and circle of support plays the biggest role in our foundation of self love. *The essence of beauty to me is being comfortable in our Perfect Imperfections. 

10.  Favorite quote/Mantra?

This too shall pass ~

11.   You’re known for such a glow, how do you achieve such healthy & bright skin?

Honestly, I think genetics play a big role in your skin. My mother has such a healthy radiant glow. I'm not big on make up, or expensive facial products. I'm a huge believer in the power of essential oils and integrate them into every aspect of my life. 

12.  What do you believe living a healthy life means?

I believe that living a healthy life consists of many components, one of which we often dismiss *This would be getting out of your head and understanding the power of our thoughts. A healthy mind = A healthy body/ life. Living a life based on gratitude is a big one. And my goodness, we all have so much to be thankful for

13.  Dream vacation destination?

My dream vacation is to trace my roots on my mother's side and visit the South of France. I've been visualizing it for a few years now and know that when everything is in alignment it will happen. I love the idea of traveling anywhere with my family.

14.  How do you balance family, work and living a healthy lifestyle?

Ha! That's a good one, Balance ~ definitely don't feel like I have too much of a stronghold on this. I find myself reaching each day for better balance. I think the key is not to stress too much and to refrain from judgment when things don't turn out the way you planned... Life will constantly throw you new challenges. Bouncing back with a positive attitude is such an achievement worth striving for

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